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 Creepers Creeping Hey, the name's Khalidah (kuh-lee-duh). I'm a 19 year old Art student living in Chicago. If you want to be mutuals just ask. I don't bite! yo no soy un inconformista

"Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful."

Hazrat Inayat Khan 

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Making out with a girl for the first time is the coolest thing and the second coolest thing is driving home and getting aware of all the parts of your face where she was and tasting her lip balm on your lips. The third coolest thing is outer space.

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"I will not be your “sometimes”."

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☯ Searching for more pale? ☯


☯ Searching for more pale? 

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i wish people had crushes on me 

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u know someone is having a rough day when their favorite song plays and they don’t sing along


How do you become someone who puts stickers on fruit because I think I could do that

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"the thought of someone else touching you makes me sick to my stomach"

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